Well, we're dorks. We're also geeks and/or nerds. You probably knew that already, if you're here. We can most definitely blame "us" on a pair of games. MUDs, specifically. Way back in the day (1996?), I had played on FieryMUD. I stopped playing before the Great Crash, which basically destroyed the game. I started playing again in 2002, and started developing changes to the game later that year, eventually taking over the Head Coder role.

Sometime in January or so 2004, an ex-immortal (area designer) popped in, and chatted with some of the folks that were on. By the end, he wound up in a heated discussion with a couple of people, and eventually left saying that our game sucked, and SlothMUD was like, way cooler and stuff.

I wound up checking out their game; partly to see what made it so great. Partly to see if I could steal any ideas. I wound up playing there for a while, moreso because the players were amusing than the game was.

Around this time, I was fairly freshly single from a relationship that had lasted about a year and a half. I spent a lot of my free time on Sloth, where I had played since 1996, writing and proofreading others' areas. A friend of mine who was a co-immortal (area designer/coder as well, not undying person) apparently found James as amusing as he found the other players and took a liking to him. This guy was shy, so he sent me to chat James up for him and see if he was interested in skydiving (thankfully, that's a no!). So James and I chatted, very pleasantly if I may add. I knew immediately that he was someone I wanted to be friends with. With this in mind, I looked up his physical location and realized that he lived within driving distance and we could actually meet in real life without a big production.

So we finally arranged to meet up. We decided to meet at the Haggen in Mt. Vernon, where Kirin worked. It was about at the midpoint between where we both lived. I of course, managed to get highly lost on the way - something about a tree-named road that wasn't supposed to exist, but did, or vice versa, or something. I wound up having to stop and ask for directions, which of course resulted in me stopping at a gas station where the person had absolutely no clue what was going on. I eventually had to call and ask her to meet up at whatever parking lot I was in.

We eventually met up and we hit it off very well. We went to go see The Butterfly Effect and found that we both laughed at the most inappropriate times. We also went wandering into a local adult shop, where we poked fun at all of the amusing merchandise. We realized that I looked very bad in his glasses, as well.

Somewhere along the line and a couple of meetings later, we decided that being more than friends was in our cards, so to speak. Now we're stuck with each other!

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