We decided to have a small, intimate ceremony at Weddings by the Sound for a few reasons - our family is scattered all over the country, our selected wedding date was on a Tuesday, and we just had no interest in the big, expensive shindig that so many couples feel is essential. We visited the location, determined that the view of the water was sufficiently shiny and that the proprietors of the location were all right with the date, and set it into stone.

We invited a total of six guests (local friends who didn't have tight schedules), some of whom were employed as amateur photographers. There's no need to go into who wore what, as there are plenty of pictures!

The minister only mentioned God once (I believe she thought to clear it with us first) and mispronounced Kirin's name once (Kiersten?). At the end of the ceremony, we all went inside for the cake and champagne toast, where one of the ladies set the cake box on fire (we still have the burnt portion of the box somewhere). The cake was delicious and sufficiently messy enough to smear on each other's noses. Afterward, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for an informal reception, and we do not recommend doing so as they screwed it up considerably.

In all, it was a very "us" wedding. It was fairly simple and very sweet. It would've been nice to have some friends and family from further away, but they're all scattered about the country and a lot of them are broke. We think it was a lot like eloping, only on a better budget and with lots of photographs.

In August of 2006, James's family threw us a reunion-style reception and we both got to see a lot of family that we didn't recognize, as well as the ones we know and love best.

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